RecordMovie COMP

A convenient interface to the Movie Out TOP, it records one or two streams of video and audio, always makes a unique file name, splits into 30-minute (or whatever) files, records fixed-length or unlimited length, has a start-delay, and there's a version with a tiny UI. What it doesn't have in the UI or parameters (like codec or layout),  you can go inside and change it.

I use this to record movies from screen grabs, video devices or TouchDesigner sessions. It is yet another tool built around the robust Movie File Out TOP. It is a UI for setting up and monitoring the recording with features and parameters that I find convenient. It records your session in N-minute movie files, creates uniquely-named files and builds the file names a few ways. It allows for a delay before starting recording, lets you do picture-in-picture of 2 video/audio sources, with audio level meters and time-code.. Before you start it will show an error if the file cannot be created due to a bad path. It shows % of dropped frames.

You just have to set up your sources, selecting/cropping what you need and the UI can do the rest. By default it does NVIDIA-GPU encoding of H.265 (recent NVIDIA GPUs) but you can go in and change file formats and compression parameters in the Movie File Out TOP.  For inputs, one choice the Screengrab TOP which is useful for capturing the whole screen, single monitors or the video from any process window. 

Asset Downloads

recordMovie.5.tox (76.35 KB)