The weather was bad so..... I play a bit with of OSC... i'm proud to share with you my PATCH... It is an osc reader(and sender) for REAPER. After Sync ( i ask for Reaper to post all the values) , you can select the track with the name... have the value and use it. On the right side corner (if all works and dipend on the resolution of you screen) ,you should have a botton to open and close the interface.

To actually use it, please download also the .ReaperOSC file called SNELLO (slim). It will make reaper post less values about the track selected. If you use the default pattern config the values are too much for a full hd screen to been visualised (LOL). 

About the exporting from the list .... ehmmmm is not so easy. But if you follow the instruction i provide it should work, there are some text file arround check it. I m developping a string editor   So you will have the string ready to export with out problem.

If you use it as a tox. ,put it the the ROOT and connect to all the inputs a toggle down button.

Inside of the patch there are some other stuff to add as u wish, just connect a window and copy the IN chop to make it apper. To make it desapper just copy the same expression with 1- before it :-) 

I'm looking for someone that can make the magic happen for real :

I would like to export the value from the list without any trouble. Now is a bit tricky. I was wondering about some TD script , but i really have no idea about it.......

Enjoy hope it will work fine if not write here, I'll try to answer...



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