RayTK Version 0.12

Version 0.12 of RayTK is now available on GitHub!


This version has focused on fixing bugs and making things easier to work with. There isn't much benefit to adding new features if users can't get them to work.


  • Inspector support for visualizing 2D and 3D value/vector fields using instanced geometry!
  • A much better way to use textures in materials.
    • Tutorials will be out soon.
  • Fixed the bug with attaching camera inputs!
  • Fixed errors on AMD GPUs!
    • Thanks to people that helped out with providing me with error details
  • See validation errors on the OPs that cause them!
    • This will make it easier to fix issues when connected the OPs to inputs that don't match the right type.
  • Lots more documentation, including guides explaining concepts and systems in the toolkit!


See the release notes for more details about the changes.

Learning about the toolkit

The best resource for learning about the toolkit is the documentation website:

Also make sure to check out the RayTK Tutorials playlist on YouTube!

Asset Downloads