RayTK Version 0.11 and documentation website

Version 0.11 of RayTK is now available on GitHub!

Along with that, there is now a documentation website with concept guides and an operator reference.

0.11 supports TD 2020.44350 (experimental) and the newly released 2021.10330 (official).


  • New SDF operators including helixSdf, dogBoneSdf2d, cornerSdf2d, and of course bunnySdf!
  • Raymarch step count output which can be used for glow effects.
  • Open the documentation for any operator by clicking the "Help" parameter.
  • OP icons that show the operator type and status (beta vs release)
  • A whole new category of 2D pattern generators.
  • Bug fixes.

Take a look at the release notes for more details.



For this version, to upgrade, you will need to either recreate your network after loading the new tox or you can try replacing the toolkit tox in a project and clicking the "Enable Cloning" pulse parameter. Future version upgrades will have integrated migration support (via the "Update OP" parameters).


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