RayTK v0.15: UVs, surface colors, backgrounds, and more!

Version 0.15 of RayTK is now available!


This version focused on features that support materials and colors, along with a whole lot of other improvements and fixes.


Tutorials will be out soon!


  • Shape-specific surface UV coordinates.
    • Surfaces can now have UV coordinates, which can be used by materials for things like texture lookups.
    • Many SDFs have a "UV Mode" option to generate shape-specific UVs.
    • There's a "UV" output from renderers that accesses the UV coordinates for each surface point in the rendered output. This can be used for things like applying textures using post-processing with TOPs.
    • UV coordinates can be assigned to any surface using assignUV, and modified using uvTransform.
    • UV coordinates can be accessed within materials using operators like uvField.
  • Surface color attributes.
    • Surfaces can now have a "Color" attribute, which can be assigned using assignColor, either with a constant color or using a field.

    • Surface colors can be used by various types of materials and material elements.

  • Background fields.
    • The raymarchRender3d operator now has a "Background Field" parameter which can be assigned to certain types of fields.
    • The background field is used to calculate a color for rays that don't hit a surface, including rays used for reflection colors.
    • The atmosphereField is designed for use with the "Background Field" feature. It produces a simulation of a sky with a sun, including some advanced atmosphere-based coloration. It's great for creating sunsets.
    • The texture3dField also supports being used as a background field. It can be used to apply environment lighting with cube-maps and other types of 3D textures.
  • Materials in 2D rendering
    • 2D SDFs can now be rendered using materials, instead of with conversions like colorizeSdf2d.

    • The sampledPointMat can be used with 2D shapes similar to how it works with pointMapRender

Check out the release notes for details.



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