RayTK: Raymarching for the masses

RayTK is a library of components and tools that use familiar TouchDesigner networks to construct and render raymarching shaders, without the need to write any GLSL.


It is inspired by Patrik Lechner's RTK, and uses many of the same underlying concepts, though the two libraries are not compatible.
It is also inspired by Exsstas's tutorials, the work of Inigo Quilez and other similar projects.

Getting started

The README on GitHub has a guide to getting started with the toolkit.
The library is designed to be totally self-contained, and can be dropped into any project.
Once loaded, the shortcut ALT+R opens a menu to create new operators from the toolkit. Once those are created, the main tox can be removed and the scene will continue to work independently.


In addition to 3D raymarched scenes, the toolkit can be used for:
  • Basic 2D image processing
  • Volumetric point sampling, such as for LED installations
Upcoming releases will include support for using RayTK networks in other types of shaders, such as particle force fields (inspired by Exsstas's tutorial).


A lot of thought has gone into the workflow both on the end-user side (users that create scenes with the toolkit) and the development side (users contributing to the toolkit itself), and a strict boundary is set between the two. The project uses an automated build process that consolidates the toolkit into a single tox file with no external dependencies, while still allowing for a git-friendly workflow for the development side.

Versions and requirements

The toolkit is still in a "pre-release" state, meaning that there are a few rough edges, but it is generally stable.
The current release (0.9) requires TouchDesigner build 2020.44350 (experimental).


Upcoming releases will focus on documenting and polishing the development workflow so the community can contribute to it. If you're interested in contributing, message me on Instagram or through the TD forum.

Reporting issues

If you encounter problems when creating scenes with RayTK, you can report issues on the GitHub repository. Please first look through the existing issues to see if the issue has already been reported.

Important Notes

  • Make sure you're using TD 2020.44350.

Asset Downloads