QFH HapQ Converter ( ~300-1000+ FPS )

Quick Fast Hurry (QFH) HapQ Converter!

Batch convert your media to HapQ at ~300-1000+ FPS.


This works so quickly because it disables TD's real-time flag, and also turns off the perform COMP's draw parameter which drastically speeds up the video transcoding process by decoupling the network cookrate from the monitors refresh rate.

To prevent TouchDesigner from overriding these things, be sure this tool is in Perform Mode, not Network Mode.

Your performance of course will vary based on SSD/M2 drive type , cpu clock, video card, video's resolution, and video codec. This is primarily a CPU heavy process, and will take full advantage of all your physical cores and clock speed. However, it will also be using your video card as well, so having a moderately fast or better GPU is a factor as well.


Here's some specs and examples of what you can achieve:



  • i7-5930K ( 4.1 GHz )
  • GeForce GTX 1070
  • 970 EVO ( NVMe SSD )


Video Example 1

  • Media Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Media Codec: webm
  • Media FPS: 25
  • Media Duration: 4:14
  • Transcode FPS: ~550
  • Transcode Duration: 0:26


Video Example 2

  • Media Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Media Codec: h264
  • Media FPS: 30
  • Media Duration: 12:21
  • Transcode FPS: ~675
  • Transcode Duration: 1:09


Happy Transcoding!

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