PiCompositor v0.1

PiCompositor is a layer-based compositing tool for TouchDesigner.

By dropping your TOPs into PiCompositorCOMP interface, you turn them into LAYERs of a COMPOSITION object, with a variety of parameters and functionalities that you can easily control via the user-interface such as:

* Blending (Opacity, Blend Modes, Masking)
Transformations (Position, Rotation, Scale)
Rearranging (Duplicating, Reordering, Hiding/Unhiding)
Selection (Locking, Selection Sets)
* Preview
 (Solo mode, Mid-level Composite)

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Developed by: Pedram Sadegh-Beyki (PiTHEOREM)

Version: 0.1 - Released on March 2023

[This tool is one of the subtools of PiKit
 toolkit which is currently under development.]

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