Is a component for TouchDesigner, create for projection mapping.
Select some parts of your video and distort them on the projection.
You will need to plug in PICMA your Pixelmap (reference image grid of your video), and your video file.

With PICKER you can :
Create Rectangle and Triangle, and duplicate them.
Snapping points 
Precise position with arrow keys.
With MAPPER you can :
Output and work directly on your projector view.
Subdivide mesh resolution (not like Resolume)
Use Bezier deformation with some limitation : Use Get Picker Mesh after activate Bezier Mode. BezierMode not work anymore if deactivate = sorry but you will need to do all the process again (Press Get Picker Mesh), so be sure when you activate it.

It's free and come with a lot of bugs : deselection point when you switch between projector and ui to avoid jump position, layers position (do it at the end).
Tell me if it's useful for your project !
I create PICMA for this project :
At the beginning i use Resolum Arena, but i couldn't subdivide the polygon that give me a ugly slice in the video, so i decide to create a similar tool in Touch!



Asset Downloads

picma_v1.0.tox (304.26 KB)