Physarum transport network clean TOX



This asset is the most clean .tox I could create to start working with the Physarum Transport Network simulation.

Implemented from Jeff Jones' paper: Characteristics of Pattern Formation and Evolution in Approximations of Physarum Transport Networks

Discovered through Sage Jenson's work.





  • a clean standalone .tox, which outputs the trail map of the simulation
  • exposed parameters: Number of agents, Step size, Sensors Angle, Rotate Angle, Sensors Offset, Diffusion, Evaporation, Agents size, Agents opacity and Resolution
  • gets you started super easily with a Physarum simulation



  • because instancing is used to render the agents, this TOX will be limited in the number of agents it can handle at 60 FPS. Runs smoothly at 60fps with 1 048 576 agents on a Nvidia GTX 2060 


Hope it will help

Asset Downloads

PHYSARUM.tox (4.31 KB)