Par.Help Translator


Automatically translate the help text of parameters. Rollover the parameter while holding the Alt key.


  • Optional function : OP's summaries can be translated. (Hold down the Alt key and rollover the OPs)
  • Optional function 2 : Text of DAT can be translated. (Rollover a DAT and Press the Ctrl+T) (v.1.23)
  • Use Ctrl+Alt+T to get the translation in the second language (the default is English)
  • If you hover the mouse over a DAT and press the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + T, a translated text DAT will be created.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T creates a reverse translated text DAT.
  • You can do some operations on the floating window.


Support language:

Use service to translate, which is used in Google's Google Dictionary Chrome extension. (Google may block it at any time)



Author : Yea Chen