OpenAI API (Chat-GPT4, DALL·E 3, TTS-1)


Patch for getting API of openAI


Chat Completion(Chat GPT4)

Image Generation(DALL·E 3)

Text to Speech(TTS-1)


It uses the TouchDesigner version 2023.11340 and python 3.11


1. Install openAI module

- macOS >

- windows > cmd

pip install openai

2. In TouchDesigner Settings

setting (or preference) > Python 64-bit Module Path


mac OS

windows ("USERNAME" is your own username)
C:\Users\ USERNAME \AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\Lib\site-packages

3. In this file, there is no API KEY. You have to activate your API Key. And then copy and paste to the parameter "API Key"


4.Using Text to Speech, It requires you to specify a folder for TTS mp3 file.Create a folder and specify in Text_to_Speech base parameter "Folder".

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