Online Library

The Online Library is extensive component-collection, powered by the cloud. From within TouchDesigner you can browse and download a broad range of modules and plugins. All the components will be saved in a local folder on your drive. The olib also takes care of versioning and you can check if newer version exist or rollback to older version if there is an error.

This is the first release and should be understood as a beta. There might still be errors and missing functionality. If you find any or have ideas feel free to comment in the forum.


How to use

It's super simple. Download the OLIB and place it in your project. Press F8 or Ctrl+Alt+O to open the OLIB windows, search for the desired component, press the big place button to download the component and place it directly in your project, without ever leaving TouchDesigner.



Every developer who wants to contribute to the OLIB is welcome. Please write me an email or message me in the forum so we can create you an account.



Asset Downloads