Ninja Puppet with Kinect CHOP + NvidiaFlow ShapeSOP



Here you can find the Asset for the ninja puppet. I've built it during quarantine in a couple of days, after watching some inSession video interviews, Loved it!


Starting from a very interesting tutorial on YouTube shared by @cutmod in 2017 at this link:


I'm going to share more and more in the next month's, stay tuned!


I hope you enjoy this Asset!




Inside the Asset you will find notes about what is the logic, a short list:

- a logic to select the nearest player to the Kinect field view

- a threshold logic based on Tz to Lock the skeleton in case you need to freeze an istant of your pose (just reduce the threshold and you can use the Tz as a trigger to Lock your puppet in a certain position

- the gravity of the emitter is controlled with hands_ty position so if you raise your hands the smoke goes up

- this last version has nunchaku fireballs, but you can easily substitute the null for the Nvidia Flow COMP

- if you don't want nunuchaku anymore you can easily increase the Spring Constant of the same Asset.

(you find them on the bottom of that base with everything inside)

- I'm not an expert of Nvidia Flow emitter, this is the first time i try it. It's a bit complicated but understandable


You can generate any kind of realtime computer graphics with these points, from Particle systems to fur effects, but also water, bricks,  disco ball or broken glass pbr tricks.


I never used Bullet solver and it's the first time I use Nvidia flow emitter, so don't take the Nvidia Flow setup as an example, is probably wrong.

Still,,, something interesting is the possibilitiy to link hands position to the gravity parameter of the flow, only after all your smoke is setted up. That's why the smoke of the nunchaku goes up and down based on the average hand_ty position :)


Ask me anything, I'll be home for a while, just reply if you need any further explanation!


ciao :)


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