multislider tool with touchOSC template

A simple and easy to use multislider tool with limit/scale, default value, labeled channels and touchOSC template You have a touchOSC file to build an easy remote controler

There is two input, one for preset list, other for values, scaled 0 to 1, labeled S1 to S10 There is one output for values with scales and labels according to table.

Use the inside table or link an external table with the settings:

  • name for name of parameter (only letters, numbers, underscore)
  • min, max and default values
- digits for number of decimal numbers displayed
  • int for rounding (0 no rounding, 1 ceiling, 2 floor, 3 round)

In the parameters window:

  • Reset to return values to default and send labels to OSC
  • inPort for the incoming OSC port
  • outPort for the outgoing OSC port
  • ipSend for IP number of the receiver You can reset each value to default right-clicking on each slider

With touchOSC, you can reset each slider to its default value pressing the red button on the right


Asset Downloads

multislider.tox (5.25 KB) (245.14 KB) (1.19 KB)