Midi_learn COMP

This is my first attempt to make a midi learn like any other software has.

It works like this :Be sure your midi device is connected and mapped in TD.. (dialogs...alt+d)Select a comp, this should have customPar , if you want to map the buildIn pars please enable the Buldin Toggle.

Now you should see the parameter of the selected comp in the right side of the Midi Learn.

Good, now we ready to map our midi device.

Enable the midi learn Toggle:Move the parameter in td and move the midi controller to link the parameter.

Only one midi source for Midi_learnCOMP is allowed for now.


  1. COMP, from par Comp 


  1. It send expression to the selected parameter to link it to the midiIn1


  •  COMP : drop here the comp you want to send the midi to 
  • Midi Source : select your midi device
  • Cusrom/build In : select the type of parameter you want to map
  • LEARN = Enabale/disbale midi learning

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