Midi- / Audio file synchronize TOX

Ever had difficulties setting up your link with Ableton before a gig? Well, I did. Getting those rock-solid-in-sync-triggers from Ableton into Touchdesigner is a workflow I've dreamt of years ago, and it works very well. But recently I started to bump into these hurdles like:


- a messed up network setup or no internet connection when ableton installed on a different workstation

- not having ableton and Touchdesigner both installed on my laptop

- did have ableton but not the right license including MaxMsp, or not the right Touchdesigner license installed

- other weird reasons I couldn't define


I just couldn't let randomness be in charge on a very important gig, so decided to build a TOX to run everything in Touchdesigner. You only need to export a midifile from Ableton (or any other prefered DAW) and the corresponding audio file, load this in the TOX and you're good to go! The tool is a FREE download at our Patreon and will be updated frequently.