Lygia for TouchDesginer

Tired of searching for the same functions over and over? or to port and reimplementing them between platforms and shader languages? LYGIA is shader library of reusable functions that can be include easily on your projects. Lygia was created by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo. All I am doing here is bringing his work to TouchDesigner.

How TO?

To use Lygia in TouchDesigner, download Lygia.tox and add it to your project. All you have to do now is feed it a Text DAT containing your input GLSL and it will output a resolved version of the GLSL. To import functions from Lygia, simply #include them. (e.g. #include "lygia/filter/boxBlur.glsl")

This version of Lygia requires an internet connexion as it solves the #include requests by fetching the code from the internet. If you prefer an offline version, I recommend using Lygia-TD by Victor Saiz.


You will fin a Lygia.tox component file that you can use as described.

You will also fin a Lygia.toe example project to illustrate how to use the componenet mentionned above. The project contains five shader examples that use Lygia. All the shader examples are to be credited to Patricio Gonzalez Vivo.


LYGIA have a long way to go. Your support will be appreciated and rewarded (all contributors are automatically added to the commercial license ). This support can take multiple forms:

  • fixing bugs
  • expanding the crosscompatibility between languages GLSL/HLSL/WGSL/Metal
  • contributing new functions
  • adding new examples and integrations for new enviroments like: GoDot, ISF, MaxMSP, etc.
  • through sponsorships


LYGIA is dual-licensed under the Prosperity License and the Patron License for sponsors and contributors.

Sponsors and contributors are automatically added to the Patron License and they can ignore any non-commercial rule of the Prosperity Licensed software.

Comming soon will be possible to get a permanent comercial license hook to a single and specific version of LYGIA.


This library has been built over years, and in many cases on top of the work of brillant and generous people like: Inigo Quiles, Morgan McGuire, Alan Wolfe, Hugh Kennedy, Matt DesLauriers and many others.

Asset Downloads

Lygia.tox (9.8 KB)
Lygia.toe (54.36 KB)