Hi,This componet was made by Unveil_studio and VentoAutoproduzioni. And is made with a Lister and a MultiMix.The main goal is :Mix your visual like the layers of Photoshop.Pre Requirements:This component works with a POOL, this pool needs to be a ContainerCOMP, with inside all your TOX files.EACH TOX MUST HAVE ONE AND ONLY ONE, TOPout1 as main Video output.(can have more but just TOPout1 will continue the Video pipeline inhte multiMix)EACH TOX CAN HAVE CUSTOMPARAMETERS, they will be seen in the UI when you select the layer in the lister.Features:Each layer remember any parameter and bring it with himself when reordered by dragging.Each time you reorder the preDrag status is saved locally in a container with the PY storage.Than each Layer check for the name of the incoming Top in the selectTop(inside Each Dummy layer), and it fetch the correct data form the storage.The layer Structure from left to right(ListerRow):Thumbnails: they come from the out1 we were speaking beforeName : those are the name of the TOX you are loading, so be sure you name your TOXs with the same name you give to the COMP you save.Button1: Green the related Tox is cooking red is not... click to change status.Empty space : just to do not put two buttons to nearButton2: THIS BUTTON WILL DELETE THE TOX from the linked pool( not from your system :-) )


  1. TOP- out1 : your mixed video outPut


  • Tox : Drop here the 'Pool' in order to activate the whole pipeline
  • GetComp : it check who is in the pool 
  • ReadME : you should read it :-)

Asset Downloads

ListerMix.tox (62.46 KB)