Linea ROOM #1 - watch the inspiration! it's the best part!

Hello community!


I've recently noticed that the community got much larger and I'm getting more shy than usual. So for the moment I will just post some muted videos and share the Asset.

I started building this Asset because I wanted to find something simple for beginners, but at the same time nice to watch and to play with Kids at home.


In this .TOE you will find a simple way to create a line out of the Player Index Kinect V2.

The same method can also be used if you don't have a Kinect, using a green-screen or using image differencing and a constant plain color wall on your back.

(if you don't know what is a static differencing techique in computer vision, just reply to this post and I will be happy to give you more details)

[it's an old method to remove the background if you don't have a greenscreen]




I don't think a tutorial is needed to explain this simple Asset.


What you will find inside is managed by few nodes, which are:

Facet SOP - to Consolidate points and keep Sweep SOP calm

Stretch CHOP - to augment points number

Lag CHOP - to create some smooth delay in the movements

Spring CHOP - to bounce back the Lag and filter more the disturb


Then I added the FIRST simple logic that uses Kinect CHOP channels, so when you cover your eyes you will trigger a Level TOP that inverts the image color. This logic is simple and made of sequence of simple CHOPS.

In my studies I'm working on animated gesture recognition, based on relative bone distance, for example simulating a cupido that throw arrows, and the right hand has to be at the same level of the right ear when you want to fire the arrow.

All gesture recognition for the moment are static, even those implemented inside Posenet tensorflow.

These I have in mind are based not only on points position, but also on time.

If you are interested stay tuned on this ROOM.


The rest of the .TOE is about those weird buttons :)

I tried to replicate a similar shape using Pattern CHOP and Noise CHOP

I thought it could be a nice way to explore 2 Topics in 1: how to customize a Button and simple ChopToSop logics.

In the 4th and 5th button viewer you can notice a fake 3D.


Most importantly I got inpired by an italian media artist Osvaldo Cavandoli that in 1970 started producing a series of cartoon based on a the concept of the line.




Enjoy the Asset and don't forget! Touchdesigner is a FREE THINKING ENVIRONMENT don't stitck too much to what you learn in the tutorials. Explore it by yourself!

Look for Crashes! Every crash you learn something new || <----- This is a joke, don't look for crashes, just explore it ;)


If you use this Asset for an exhibition or a show please tag me in a post!

If you use this Asset for Commercial purpose please send me an RTX 2080 or something I can use for my studies, thx!




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