Layer Based Timeline Tool - Beta

Hey guys,

I'm releasing a tool I've been working on earlier than expected because I need to move on to different aspects of Touchdesigner with everything going on with COVID-19.

It's a multi-layer timeline system built in 3d with all interactions being handled via render picking. It's fairly lightweight, and certainly can be optimized further considering I have not yet done an optimization sweep.

Features include -

  • Adjustable cue lengths
  • Movie file assignments
  • Draggable cues
  • Multi-select and drag
  • The beginnings of an opacity keyframe setup
  • Custom coloring of cues
  • Countdown and Countup
  • Zoomable timeline view
  • Keyboard shortcuts for zoom / scroll
  • Cue data is fed to a segment dat and to a master timer for a playback system
  • Instanced geometry for all cues, layer panels, and keyframe lines.
  • Drag to shift cues up and down different layers
  • Drag to stretch the cue, extending the length
  • Holding Ctrl while dragging snaps to seconds
  • Holding Alt while dragging snaps to frames

I hope to get back to this at some point and build some of the other features it needs to be complete.

If you think this tool could be customized to suit your project, feel free to reach out and I can assist in any continued development needs.

At the very least, could be a good learning tool for beginners.

I've attached a link to the Github repo and an intro video which demos the features and gives a brief runthrough of the project structure.

Asset Downloads