Keyframer Comp

Keyframer is a keyframe editor component that can be used to create and edit keyframes in the animationCOMP. It is meant to be a replacement for the currently built animation editor in TD.


Key Features:

  • Internal Template animationCOMP used to create templates to create multiple animationCOMPs with the same initial channels
  • Drop Pars, CHOP channels, CHOPs, and DATs into keyframer to create new channels (as well as standard append channels with specified names function)
  • Drop any animationCOMP into Keyframer to edit the dropped comp.
  • Full Undo/Redo
  • Insert Keys (alt-left click, alt-ctrl left click)
  • Delete Keys (delete button)
  • Translate Keys (select and left click, shift to lock to horizontal translate, shift-ctrl to lock to vertical translate)
  • Scale Keys - left-click one key (when multiple keys are selected), press D, F or D, and F then move the mouse, to scale along X, Y, or XY axis about the clicked key
  • Copy or Cut selected keys, and Paste at current mouse position (mouse must be inside edit view)
  • Bezier Handles are the actual length of the acceleration of that handle (for accurate control of a handle)
  • Lock / Unlock Handles - T key
  • Reorder Channels on middle click and drag in Channel List
  • Auto limiting handle lengths
  • New EaseAdjust() segment type that has adjustable ease in/out handles
  • Nudge selected item(s) (keys or handles) with arrow keys  (use shift, ctrl, and alt for bigger steps)
  • Tab select adjacent items - use Tab and shift Tab to step left and right
  • Marquee and shift select to select multiple items and or add items to a selection
  • Translate View - middle click and move mouse
  • Zoom View - shift-middle click and move mouse
  • Fit View - H key
  • Auto Vert Slider Widgets for smooth fine adjustment of values of selected items

This component release should be viewed as a beta/alpha release. If you have any questions, comments, or find any bugs please let me know.


I hope you find this a useful tool!


Note: Keyframer.04182021.2.tox below has a number of improvements and bug fixes but also uses a completely new drawing method (much faster and more scalable) which hasn't been tested to the degree the previous version has been. Paste now works as expected when pasting many keys on many channels, and now there are a number of display settings on Keyframer/iPars for easy access.

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