Installation of multiple builds can be supported after Build 2020.23680, we don’t need to use this script anymore, cheers! :D

Installing Multiple Builds at Once

Sometimes you will want multiple builds of TouchDesigner installed at the same time. You may need older builds to test previous projects, or you may want to try out the latest features in Experimental while keeping Official installed for your current project.

And this little batch file makes it easy for you to do this. No need to enter any command line.

How to use

  1. Download TD-Install-Experimental.bat

  2. Drag and drop your TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx.exe which you want to install to that downloaded TD-Install-Experimental.bat


  3. A window prompt appears to be extracting the file. and that TD version will then be extracted to the folder named TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx in the folder where you placed TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx.64-Bit.exe.


  4. The executable will be located at [install folder]\TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx\[random name]\bin\TouchDesigner099.exe.




Author : Yea Chen