imgBBUploader moves TOPs to imgBB

This component is a response to a forum question that asked about how to upload an image to imgbb.
To get started, register an account at and create an API Key at
Enter the API Key on the settings page of this component, connect a TOP to the TOP input and hit Upload.
If succesfully uploaded the outputDAT will contain a name and url where your image can be found.
Optional parameters are: 
  • Image Name: specify a name that the image should be stored under
  • Expiration: when enabled the image url will expire
  • Expiration Time: number of seconds the image will expire after

The component can also be used via it's extension method:

# expiration can be either an integer number (seconds) or None
Upload(TOP=op('op reference'), name='intended name for image', expiration=3600, key='your api key')

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