Hardware I/O[ADAM6060D] Component

About my “MP_ADAM6060D_IF1”


[ADAM6060D] is I/O Module. It has 6 Relay Outputs and 6 Digital Inputs.

This component can control [ADAM6060D] via Ethernet.


How to use


Please, fill ADAM6060D’s IP address in “IP address” field.

And you can select Input response, “Low” or “High”.

*”High”mode is busy.

This component has 6Ins and 6Outs.

When you want to switch Relay Output , you connect chops to these Ins.

If you set the chop’s value 0(zero), the relay is open.


When you want to use Digital Input status , you connect chops to these Outs.

If Digital Input status is open, the chop’s value is 0(zero).


This is the BETA version.

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