Gaussian Splatting

Gaussian splatting in TouchDesigner


Drag the tox file in your network, inside you'll find a renderTOP setup that renders out a loaded gaussian splatted .PLY file. You can select which file to load in the parameters of the GaussianSplatGEO. 
The above examlpe shows 'LIULI Year of the Dragon Glass Sculpture Splat' from UniconeDesign, which you can download at

If you want to create your own gaussian splats, check the demonstration video at

Known issues

The rendering becomes quite heavy when setting the alpha threshold to 0. So the default value right now is 0.015. If anybody has a better solution than this threshold, please let me know :)
Also the bitonic sort (of the great David Braun :D) becomes quite heavy since it's sorting all (more than a million) splats everytime the camera moves. I haven't found a good efficient solution for this yet where it doesn't re-sort every splat over and over. I've added a 'sort' pulse, to control when the sorting happens. If 'Auto sort' is active, it will automatically sort every time the camera moves. 

Tim Gerritsen <>

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