gateCHOPComp - Max/Msp gate emulator

gateCHOPComp takes a chop input and passes it to only one of n outputs, similar to what an inverse SwitchCHOP would do.



- Input 0 -> the value to pass

- Input 1 .->  the value passed to closed outputs, "off value"  if you want (defaults to 0 if not specified)


- Out -> the index of the OutCHOP in which the value will pass (starts counting from 0, nothing happens if the index is out of range)

- Num outs -> the number of outputs available, can be set dynamically and will create the necessary OutCHOPs accordingly

- Hold Mode -> if on will hold the last received value in the closed outputs, overriding the "off value" specified in Input 1

- Max outs -> the maximum number of outputs that can be created, it's just a safe measure since the COMP uses a replicator and 10k replicants could be a problem



Let me know about any bugs!


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