FRUIT QUIZ - how to simple python

Hey there!

I'm sharing this project to show how I'm used to coding logics inside TD using simple python scripts, ChopExec DAT and Delay CHOP.

I'm sharing it also because it's a cool game for Kids (better if italians) so it becomes a cool game quiz for adults of any nationality that want to learn italian language while discovering curiosities about fruits and vegetables.

I've reduced the resolution to 1024 so also Non-Commercial licenses can open the file and play with it.


I'm pretty sure that Isabelle will love it! :) it's about fruits and vegetables and italian language!


Part of the media are .png and part of the Text for the Quiz are inside a .csv file (ANSI formatted), this is because the people from the agency (the authors) where continuosly changing the questions and the answers while I was developing the software.


Probably not all of you are coders and don't have time, energy and interest to learn proper coding, that's why Touchdesigner is the best software!

It doesn't only allow real coders to make their advanced coding, it also allow people like me (interaction designer) to familiarize with coding.

The maximum I've reached with python is to include libraries, like the SMPT to send emails with attached medias, to the users when their interactive experience is ended. 


The network includes some Text DAT (coloured in yellow) each with a specific indication about what's happening.

I removed all the branded contents, some of them still present but pixelated.


DOWNLOAD TOE here (it's a Zip file that contains all the graphics) [I can't upload it directly here because the website allows only files of Max 2MB]


(the TOE attached to Asset below instead, won't work properly becasue the png are missing, but the website here asked me to attach at least 1 Asset file before publishing)

[i need to refine my understanding about sharing properly and mainly using Github]

{sooner or later i will do also that}





Asset Downloads

FRUIT_QUIZ.5.toe (41.96 KB)