folderToServer: website in vfs

This came out as a seperate component from some functional additions to RCP-TD.

The component allows for specifying a folder that contains a website (well - actually anything but it is particularly made for websites) and loads the full structure of the folder into TouchDesigner's virtual file system.

You can now specify a port on which the webserver should run and open the website either via the internal webComp or an external browser.

Storing it in VFS has the benefit of being able to include icons, images, fonts - pretty much any file - into the component and with this transport it across projects. 

To use it

  • via the "Disk Folder" parameter on the "Website" parameter page, browse to the folder that contains the website you want to internalize.
  • click "Parse"
  • to make the website available, enter a port on the parameter page called "Server" and toggle the "Active" parameter. 
  • click "Open (Internal)" to look at the website via the webCOMP or click "Open (External)" to look at the website via your OS browser.