Fancy Frustum - Advanced Frustum Visualization & Multiple Cameras Sync for TD.

Hey there,


Just decided to rerelease my tool for camera(s)/projector(s) work. It has nice visualization (imho!) and tons of features.


Here are some of those:


- robust frustum visualization (using camera matrix) with random colors, fills, wireframes you can tune to your liking

- flexible aspect ratio handling (global or per camera/projector)

- automatically find all the cameras in the project or select your own

- synchronize multiple cameras to work faster (and nicer)

- master camera hint

- made for geometry viewer using the least possible of your precious ressources while preserving its fanciness :)

- dynamic GUI which changes depending on your selected options to keep it tidy


Release notes for 20020+ release:


- improved cosmetics

- more robust dynamic GUI mechanism

- master camera hint design change



Enjoy and keep it fancy!


made w/ <love>