CRT TV Filter!

My first contribution to the community: a GLSL-based CRT TV simulator!

I was looking to render a closeup of a realistic looking old CRT TV and ended up making a simple fragment shader to render the RGB LEDs in an accurate pixel array. A bloom filter is added on top to simulate the light bleed that we would experience looking at a CRT monitor. 


How to use

The component is simple: just input a TOP that you want “pixelated” then let it do its thing. Some useful parameters to be aware of:

virtualResolution - the dimensions of virtual pixel array to be rendered. This is independent of the real resolution of the texture that will be rendered and should obviously be lower than your real texture resolution

pixelIntensity - a simple multiplier to be added to each virtual pixels RGB value

pixelSize - size of each virtual LED. Play with this to get slightly different looks and fullness

pixelSoftness - defines the edge softness of each virtual LED


Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! Still relatively new to Touchdesigner so welcome any criticism.

Asset Downloads

CRT_Filter.tox (7.62 KB)