A small countdown component, offering some additional functionaily to the a regular timerchop. This component outputs the total seconds, the time in HH:MM:SS format as chop channels an as a string.
Additionaly you get an API for a more hassle free handling.
To just start the countdown with a specific number of seconds call
op('count_down').StartTimer( ammount_of_seconds, run_callback = True )

If you have a specific set of minutes, hours or seconds call

op( 'count_down' ).StartTimer_Delta( hours, minutes, seconds, run_callback = True )



And often you need the time until a certain time of the day. (If the time lays before the current time, it will calculate the time for the next day)

op( 'count_down' ).StartTimer_Clock( hour, minute, run_callback = True )


To just stop the timmer in its track without running the callback use the StopTimer() function.
To stop the countdown with running the caallback use the regular StartTimer function with a length of 0 seconds.


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