Complex UV Math toolkit


Inspired by TD legend Exsstas's tutorial on Crazy warping effects with a complex numbers and Paketa12's UVmath approaches I created a modular toolkit for generating UV maps based on complex numbers, consisting of 2+1 components:

  • ComplexOP - select from a list of complex functions, generate UV maps, play with plenty of parameters
  • ComplexMix - perform add/subtract/multiply/divide/power between UV maps, treated as complex number fields
  • ComplexIterator - create fractals in a few clicks

You can chain multiple ComplexOps and ComplexMixes with the 2nd output slot and there are lots of parameters to play with, so you will never get bored of it!

You can produce quite intricate mathematical patterns which you can use to map images, instance geometry and much more.

Free download includes .tox components, example project and pdf documentation.


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