Colour Lover Palette Picker

Easily pick color palettes from the Colour Lovers website with this component, inspired by the great COLORS component originally published in 2014 by Eric Mintzer.

Search your palette

There is 5 tabs for browsing the palettes, simply click on a palette to select it. The selected color is displayed in the bottom section of the component
TOP: Displays the 100 most loved, hit the refresh button to fetch the latest ranking

NEW: Displays the 100 newest, hit the refresh button to fetch the latest additions 

RANDOM: Hit the "get random palette" button to add a random palette to this tab, it's a FIFO of 100 palettes

HUE: Use the hue radio to select 1 to 3 colors then hit the "Get Palettes" button. It will returns 100 most-loved palettes containing these hues.

FAVORITES: Displays your favorite palettes, you can add palettes to this tab using the star button in the selected color section. You can delete the palettes by clicking the trash icon.

Use your Palette

There is two ways to use the selected palette in your project

CONNECTOR OUTPUT: There is 2 outputs to this component, a rampTOP and a tableDAT both reflecting the selected color.

DRAG N' DROP EXPORT: You can drag and drop the selected color in your project, it will create a lightweight BaseCOMP containing a RampTOP that you can copy and paste elsewhere in your project. The colors are also exposed as custom parameters, allowing you to modify the palette and directly export to another parameter.

General Informations

This tool has been tested on Windows build 2022.33600.

Feel free to use the comments section below to suggest improvements, features or optimizations !

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