Color Harmony - Beta

It’s a color harmony generator! It’s loosely inspired by Adobe Color and some color things that lighting consoles do. It can generate a user set number of colors according to different color harmonies. Things like, Complementary, Triads, Split Complementary, Analogous, Color fan, and a few others. 


A few oddities:

When set to split complementary (and a few others) it will generate the traditional split (index 0 color, +150 degrees, and +210 degrees) for the first 3 colors, then after that it generates splits assuming the index 1 color  (150 degrees) as the root and then the index 2 color (210 degrees) as the root. It’s a little confusing to explain in words so here’s a pic that might help.


Color indexes are shown below, although I might have a bug because I’m pretty sure index 5 shouldn’t be there… HMM. Anyways, the triangles represent the color splits it should be calculating.

It also can take a single pixel TOP input to drive the color and can recolor an image or a movie. The UI doesn’t fully work for this yet, but it’s on my todo list to add that eventually. For now you can color shift the input manually with an HSV Adjust TOP’s hueoffset value.


There’s a README text dat in the root of the component with additional details 



This is the beginning of something I’m working on to make my life easier when working with DMX lighting in touch. I was remembering pre-pandemic days of working with lighting consoles and I realized that I needed an easy way to generate color palettes across light fixtures inside of touch. There’s some optimizations that could be made (noted in the readme), especially if you’re working with hundreds of colors, but for now it works well enough for me.

It’s very likely that when I get to the part of my project that involves saving lighting cues that I’ll end up refactoring this into a proper python extension so I will be able to update cues and rotate existing colors.


Random side note:

It occured to me this morning that it might be useful to add a color temperature calculator to this. I’m also going to need a component for converting to RGBW for LED’s eventually.

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