Blob Track Interactive Installation │ Nvidea Backgr

This is my custom interactive Blob Tracking installation, simple yet dynamic.

Video input mask cut out with Nvidea Background TOP ( if you don't have Nvidea graphics card you can skip this operator ), then separate effects are added to the video source while blob tracking is being processed ( if you are interested in a detailed explanation of blob tracking technique check out this tutorial from PPPANIK - BLOB TRACK INSTANCING)

  • The whole project is animated with switches and LFOs to be dynamic. 
  • Blob Track render (instancing) resolution automatically matches with the video input resolution.
  • If the effects are too trippy, play with parameters to make them less intense. Also, you can play with COMP operations.

Feel free to experiment with this project, make sure to hit me up if you make something cool with it.