blister COMP - Easier Setup of a Lister COMP

Blister lets you set up columns of Lister COMPs by editing parameters. (2020.40000 and later)

Jan 23, 2021: new version with panel-style UI for creating columns. Feed it any table with headings (like an OP Find DAT) and click Edit Column Definitions.

I've always stopped short of using the Lister COMP because setting up the columns was too obscure and error-prone, as you are editing raw tables with easy-to-forget codes. This Blister COMP defines the columns much easier (in my view!) by copying a template and editing parameters.

As I was developing it I became more aware of how powerful the Lister COMP is. (The unmodified Lister COMP is embedded inside.) 

So try this out. Read the readMe.

A few things could be a bit more polished and streamlined, like formatting the cells, but I only had a day (2 days now) and I wanted to get this posted. Feedback appreciated.


Asset Downloads

Blister.282.toe (66.43 KB)