Blister COMP - Easier Lister COMP Setup

Blister lets you set up interactive tables using a simple parameter-based UI. It follows on the in-depth look at the underlying workings of The Big Bad Lister COMP by Matthew Ragan and Ivan DelSol, but avoids the need to hand-edit tables with obscure codes.

You can feed Blister any table with headings (like an OP Find DAT), Then click Edit Column Definitions and automatically create a Lister interface by clicking Auto-Create All Cols. You can un-Display columns you don't need, and reorder by dragging the column names up and down. Then click Edit Callbacks to define the behavior when clicking on cells.

The unmodified Lister COMP is embedded inside, so refer to its doc if you need to use its deeper cutomizrion features.

Feedback appreciated. Ivan DelSol and I are working on a version that exposes more of Lister COMP's formatting control.

Column Editor:

Blister helps you build the columns of the Lister COMP a different way than the usual hand-editing of a table. Instead you edit the parameters of a set of column COMPs in a unified UI.

This assumes you send blister's input a table with headings in the top row.

On the Blister parameter dialog, click "Edit Column Definitions" to  bring up the column editor. Also bring up the Blister COMP viewer in a floating see the results.

On the left side, click the column names to see the setup dialog for each column. 

Drag the column names up and down to re-order columns. Delete columns (x) or turn off/on their display with the Display parameter.

The Source Data Mode menu gives you ten ways of displaying data in a cell. (explained in detail in the Lister COMP wiki page). Columns set to Float give you another parameter to set the number of decimal places of floating point numbers in that column. .

The most powerful: In Expression Evaluate mode, you can put any TouchDesigner python expression in the Source Data parameter, including the object called 'object' to get at the applicable row's data:

    object['name'] + '!!'     

where name is any input table's column name.

In the example, the Name column has rollover popup help that displays a full path name that comes from an un-displayed "path" column, set up with the Rollover Help Type parameters.

Once you have some columns set up, on blister's parameter dialog, Edit Callbacks is the place to deal with clicking/interacting with the cells.

In column "Network", the button "View" brings up a node's network in a floating window, done via the callbacks.

When you Edit Callbacks, the function onEditEnd() gives you the string and other data on any cell you have Editable set to Single Click or Double Click and you have edited the string.

To re-build the whole table, press Auto-Create All Cols in the column editor.

Refer to the Lister COMP wiki page for more capabilities.

Resulting Lister:



Asset Downloads

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