Time to organize your networks and see instantly where which component is by creating boxes kepping everything together.

After downloading the backdropper into your project, create a textDAT and write the following line of code


This will create 3 new operators. The most interresting one is the backdrop_creator. You can place it anywhere in your network, change color, position and size to finaly press the Create Backdrop parameter to place a new backdrop on exactly that location,

To change or deleting existing components you have to, for now, edit the backdrop_data table.


You can also disable the dropshadows in the backdropper component and change the backgroundcolor.

To disable the backdrop inside of a component simply disable the display toggle of the background TOP.


Things to keep in  mind:

You cannot display any other image in the background!

Only one networkeditor can be active at the same time. This results in distracting movement when having more then one network with a backdrop active.

The backdropper consumes arround 1.1ms frametime. To get better performance you can delete the dropshadows but for the final product think about removing or disabling the backdropper altogether,

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