B2BK Custom Tools & Buffer Techniques for Advanced 3D Rendering


Last month, I gave a 1 day workshop @ STEREOLUX (Nantes - 44 - France) about 3D rendering, with advanced buffer techniques.

This knowledge was learned in my past experience, about 10 years in Animation Movies Industry ; we use a lot these render passes to tweak the 3d renders and get the final result.

Here is the Toe file.

On the left : Geometry import / scene setup and 3D render to get buffers

On the center : B2BK custom tools (FastMAT, FastENV, NormMask, PosMask, UVPaint & UVPict)

On the right : One example of the use of these tools, to make the teaser image


Don't hesitate to contact me for further information and/or help.


2023 EDIT : 2 or 3 things were broken with 2023 TD builds. I've just reupload an updated file for recent versions.


Bertrand de BECQUE [B2BK]