Azure Pointcloud Merger

A component to merge point clouds from Kinect Azure devices

How does it work?

The technique used here is based on the open3D library:

This method is very fast and easy to use. Best of all is that it is fully automatic, so you don’t need any boards like chess patterns or charuco boards.


The current version has however some limitations. It only works really well for situations where you have enough overlap between Kinects from a similar angle, but does not work when you have the Kinects in angles bigger than 90 degrees, since it depends on overlapping data from similar pov's (it won't work with cameras facing each other for instance)

There are workarounds for that. I have managed to calibrate Kinects from any position by using intermediate matrices in calibration. That option however is not yet included in this version, since that needs more work to function as a general-purpose solution. More updates to come later on.

How to use it?



You need to have a working version of the open3D library in TouchDesigner. This repository contains version 0.11.0, so you can use that directly by copying it to your TouchDesigner site packages folder, usually in a path like this:

C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner.2020.28110\bin\Lib\site-packages


You can also conda or pip install it:

# Install Open3D stable release with pip
pip install open3d

# Install Open3D stable release with Conda
conda install -c open3d-admin -c conda-forge open3d

# Test the installation
python -c "import open3d as o3d; print(o3d)"

Do note however that this tool was built with version 0.11.0, so there may be incompatibilities with later versions of the library online (current version is 0.12.0) which I have not tested. Safest is to simply use version 0.11.0 (the one provided with this package).


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