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Hey there,


I created this .Tox as a tool to support online classes, but also the "making of" quick tutorials. 

Noticing that some of my students, were often asking the name of the last operator created, or the last last parameter modified, I thought it could be helpful showing them these edits in form of subtitles.

So here it is a simple .Tox that you can drag in your network, open the window (you can modify Window COMP and Text TOP easily inside the .Tox) and it will show as subtitles:

- last node creation

- ui Status (e.g. copy paste, undo redo, deleted operator, save file)

- edited parameters

- mouse rollover operator

- mouse rollover parameter

(these last 2 are optional, you can disable them in Custom Par of the .Tox)




It works well and it helps me in the lessons, so I share this .Tox for whoever might need it, but keep in mind this is not my expertise.

So please if you find ways to make it better, you are more than welcome to develop it from scratch. I think that it could be a useful tool, and if it's well designed it might be included in the future Palette.

This version also has an internal error related to:


when the mouse rollover outside the Par or on a disabled Par, it gives back a no attributes error (obviously)

also maybe the reason is because the script is inside a chopexec linked to an LFO 


so yes, maybe someone can fix it in 2 sec. 

I've included some yellow TextDat comment in the .Tox




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