ATTRAKTORS DESIGNER v0.8 and v2022 (New Releases)


Create, Design and Play Strange Attraktors in TouchDesigner.

It can play with different equations of strange attractors, mix, design them and manipulate them with different parameters in order to modify the movement of the particles creating random and aesthetically coherent shapes.  The movements can be controlled by audio or by external controllers to record original and generative compositions.
Attraktors Designer 0.8 runs on Windows and macOS and with the version of TouchDesigner 2021.16410 and Attraktors designer v2022 runs with TouchDesigner 2022.2xxx. Both version have same features.
It can run on a non-commercial version of TD, but with a limited rendering resolution of 1280x1280.

Features :

  • Standalone - No diving Network concept.

  • Create, Design and play with Strange Attraktors in Real Time.

  • Create Attraktors from xyz equation (200 definitions are available in the in-app Browser) or create your own and save it in file to recall it later (formula, transformation and notes).

  • Real Time 3D pipeline based on several particle systems.

  • Design your particle system with different emitters like pointcloud and choose the final design (Sop particle, Trail particle, Billboard particle) or use the curl noise sub-particle system to add some dust effect on your attraktor.

  • Flow and Liquid System to interact with different input devices .

  • Set the Scene Environment (Lighting Design, Material Design, Scenography Design).

  • Post rendering effects (AO, DOF, ramp Background, grain, DeNoiser).

  • Sound Analyzer 3 frequencies with clock divider out to increase the trigger possibilities.

  • Playback System for recording all the audio/clock divider datas and play them without audio processing.

  • Create set of parameters and save them to control Attraktors and link them with the sound analyzer.

  • 3 Parameter Modes to control (Manuel, LFO, Random).

  • Camera Positions sequencer links to the sound analyzer.

  • Input Background with Syphon/Spout or NDI protocol.

  • Record Pipeline (Movies, Still images with cache feauture).

  • Output final composition with Syphon/Spout or NDI protocol.

  • Full view mode or use second monitor and keep only panels you want.

  • Inputs : OSC, Midi, Ableton (TDA Levels with clock divider out) to control the parameter system.

  • Devices : LeapMotion and Kinect to control the flow system (Kinect and Kinect Azure).

  • Composition Mode : choose your composition time and let the tool record with fade out.


 I created this application for my next performance: "the poetic of chaos" where the visual will be created with. It will be controlled with Kinect, Ableton live or with juggling balls connected over wifi allowing modify the parameters in real time.
I'm releasing this tool on Patreon for those who want to test it. Attraktors Designer is an application that has a lot of features made for my own use, but on this Patreon page you can find over 20 tutorials as well as access to a Discord server.
Here is the demo of the application with all the detailed features: Attraktors Designer Demo
A video playlist where you can find different compositions created with the tool : Attraktors Designer PlayList
The tutorial #1 : Attraktors Designer Interface Overview
And here is the link to the Patreon page where you can download it: Patreon Page
You can find also the light version Attraktors Creator for free on the same Patreon page.
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