Alfred ROOM - The Ping Pong Wrestler

Hello community!


i was watching this video posted by @Exsstas

and suddenly I remembered I had to share another file.


I made this example called ALFRED 1 year ago using Kinect V2 and I realized I've never shared it.  

The main interesting part is the gesture to create particles from your hands. 

The second insteresting part is the Blend SOP trick based on Tz or Tx expression chop. Useful to have a good transition for the puppet.




So.. what about these ROOMs idea: Alfred will be more focused on gesture recognition, while the LINEA ROOM will be more about 2D visual effects starting from the player index and the NINJA PUPPET will just wait for me to understand better Bullet Solver and other stuff like that.


Hope you'll enjoy it and please feel free to contribute with ideas, suggestions, etc...

Probably the next Alfred gesture recognition will be about archery, or maybe bowling... still not sure which of the 2




Asset Downloads

Alfred_ROOM.toe (308.61 KB)