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Anton Grabovskiy | TouchDesigner Shop

This simple graphic editor was made in Touchdesigner as "an exercise and for fun" but we think it's really far out!.

Anton is a visual effects artist and TD working in Russian animation film. His main instrument is Houdini and he loves proceduralism, generative art and TouchDesigner. He claims to have only "a small experience in TouchDesigner" and is currently taking a 3-month TouchDesigner workshop with Yan Kalnberzin and Eugene Afonin of Curiosity Media Lab. It is in fact Yan and Eugene’s faces that are painted in the video."TouchDesigner Shop is the greatly entertaining homework, made with excessive zeal :)". Anton tells us.

Now, about the patch. It's based on the GLSL shader, which interpolates coordinates of cursor between the current and previous frame. In this way it was possible to draw a continuous line. Storing images is due to the Feedback node. Layers are inside containers cloning from Replicator. The active container is placed on the top layer and the drawing process occurs there only. A final image is collected in a separate container, which the user sees. But in general - just a lot of CHOPs.