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AAVJ - A Realtime VJ Mixer Built in TouchDesigner

For many TouchDesigner VJs, one of the biggest obstacles starting out is determining whether to use an existing tool or a custom built interface within their workflow. After years of experimentation with other community tools, my curiosity led me to create a modular and generalized tool for VJing within TouchDesigner: AAVJ!

AAVJ leverages the flexibility of TouchDesigner and allows users to mix real-time media using an intuitive, familiar workflow. It is designed to work in tandem with other industry standard tools for live performance. 

Currently, AAVJ supports .tox files, images, and video, with native Notch Block and DMX control support on the horizon. Additionally, users can already create .tox wrapped components and drop them into their project.

Some of the main features of AAVJ include:

  • MULTI-LAYER MIXING | Utilize many layers of content mixing simultaneously, leveraging the numerous blend-modes available in the Composite TOP.
  • AUTOMATIC VRAM MANAGEMENT | AAVJ features a 'VRAM cleanup script' which automatically manages VRAM and collapses unused networks into a compressed state when not in use - effectively reducing texture resource usage by up to a factor of 8x.
  • AUTO LEARN UI | Fully mappable UI for MIDI / OSC inputs and output control
  • DRAG / DROP CUSTOM COMPONENTS  | Drag & drop functionality for custom component modularity
  • PROJECT CUSTOMIZATION | Adjustable project parameters for flexible rendering, output & aesthetic 
  • NDI / SPOUT OUTPUTS | AAVJ features dynamic menu panels that allow for NDI / Spout outputs. Those sources may be output pre or post-blend with the previous layers.
  • OSC INPUTS & OUTPUTS | Also included in the toolbar is an OSC menu, which allows for OSC inputs and outputs for mapping the interface, as well as creating triggers from UI elements.
    I was recently invited to share my project and give an overview at the Aug 31, 2023 TouchDesigner Meetup! To learn more, check out the recording of my overview here: 

    TD Music Hackspace | AAVJ Overview

    With official documentation in the works, we are actively building a community of users and developers. If you are interested in joining or trying out the latest version for free, Join the Discord and find the project file under #official-downloads!

    anti-alias | 2023