Join us for InSession this Friday July 30th with our special guest Kampala-based artist Noel Apitta aka @scarletmottif.  Noel has some questions about taking the components he has been producing to date and building a system that combines them all into a TDAbleton controlled set.

Jul 30/th

TouchDesigner InSession 15.0

 Important Development Concepts.jpg
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Whether you’re an expert or just getting started with interactive development, there are a lot of concepts to keep in mind around your development practice.

Important Development Concepts

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Date: 17th July 2021 17:00 UTC+2  Check the event time in your time zone Language English  Watch this workshop on Krea Today YouTube channel   TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful node-based visual programming languages.

Jul 17/th

TouchDesigner with Nikzad Arabshahi