The ZED SOP uses the ZED to scan and create geometry. For more information and to know what ZED SDK to install refer to the ZED article.



Parameters - Page

Camera camera - Selects which ZED camera to use.

Sample sample - While enabled the ZED camera samples points in space. Once disabled it will generate the surface from the points, as well as any normal or texture attributes.

Reset reset - Clears the extracted geometry and resets spatial mapping.

Reset Pulse resetpulse - Triggers the Reset immediately on button release (button-up). This can be accessed in python using the pulse() method.

Preview preview - - Select level of detail of the preview when camera samples.

  • No Preview nopreview - No preview is shown when camera samples.

  • Limited Preview limited - The level of detail of the preview is limited.

  • Full Preview full - Preview displays all available points.

Maximum Memory maxmemory - Sets the maximum memory used for spatial mapping.

Resolution resolution - Sets the spatial mapping resolution used by the camera. A smaller resolution creates a detailed geometry and higher resolution keeps only bigger vairiations in geometry.

Range range - Sets distance range of objects that will be extracted after spatial mapping from the camera. A smaller depth range will use objects close to the camera and higher depth range will use objects that are farther from the camera.

Normals normals - When enabled, the extracted geometry will have normals.

Texture texture - The spatial mapping texture and texture coordinates of the mesh will be created when enabled. The spatial mapping texture can be retrieved using the ZED TOP.

Filter filter - - Set the filtering level of the mesh.

  • Low low - Small holes in the geometry will be removed.
  • Medium medium - Geometry will be smoothed.
  • High high - The number of traingles in the geometry will be reduced and the geometry will be smoothed.

Consolidate Points consolidatepts - When enabled, redundant points that are closed together will be merged.

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