Tube SOP


The Tube SOP generates open or closed tubes, cones, or pyramids along the X, Y or Z axes. It outputs as meshes, polygons or simply a tube Primitive.


Parameters - Tube Page

Primitive Type type - - Select from the following types. For information on the different types, see the Geometry category articles.

  • Primitive prim -
  • Polygon poly -
  • Mesh mesh -
  • NURBS nurbs -
  • Bezier bezier -

Connectivity surftype - - This option is used to select the type of surface, when using a Mesh Primitive Type.

  • Rows rows - Creates horizontal lines.
  • Columns cols - Creates vertical lines.
  • Rows and Columns rowcol - Both Rows and Columns. Looks like Quads in wire frame display, but all polygons are open (if the primitive type is polygon).
  • Triangles triangles - Build the grid with Triangles.
  • Quadrilaterals quads - Generates sides composed of quadrilaterals (default).
  • Alternating Triangles alttriangles - Generates triangles that are opposed; similar to the Triangles option.

Orientation orient - - Primary axis of tube (long axis).

  • X Axis x -
  • Y Axis y -
  • Z Axis z -

Orient Bounds orientbounds - Available only when an input is connected to the Tube SOP to set bounds for the tube. When Orient Bounds = On it will rotate the geometry to match the orientation of the input SOP used for bounds.

Modify Bounds modifybounds - Enabled only when an input is connected to the Tube SOP to set bounds for the tube. Turn Modify Bounds = On to enable the transform parameters below to further modify the position, scale, radius and height of the bounds.

Rotate Order rord - -

  • Rx Ry Rz xyz -
  • Rx Rz Ry xzy -
  • Ry Rx Rz yxz -
  • Ry Rz Rx yzx -
  • Rz Rx Ry zxy -
  • Rz Ry Rx zyx -

Center t - - Location of the tube center from the object origin.

  • X tx -
  • Y ty -
  • Z tz -

Rotate r - -

  • Rotate rx -
  • Rotate ry -
  • Rotate rz -

Radius rad - - The first field is the radius of the top of the tube and the second field represents the radius of the bottom of the tube.

  • rad1 -
  • rad2 -

Height height - The height of the tube.

Anchor U anchoru -

Anchor V anchorv -

Anchor W anchorw -

Imperfect imperfect - This option applies only to Bezier and NURBS types. If selected, the tube is an approximated nonrational curve, otherwise it is a perfect rational curve.

Parameters - Detail Page

Rows rows - Number of rows in tube.

Columns cols - Number of columns in tube.

U Order orderu - If a spline surface is selected, it is built at this order for U.

V Order orderv - If a spline surface is selected, it is built at this order for V.

End Caps cap - If selected, it adds faceted end caps to the ends of the tube.

Texture Coordinates texture - - Adds UV texture coordinates to the sphere.

  • Off off - No UV coordinates added to surface.
  • Row & Columns rowcol - Adds vertex UV coordinates.

Compute Normals normals - Checking this option On will compute surface normals.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

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