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There are 4 types of license available for TouchDesigner.

TouchDesigner Non-Commercial

  • non-commercial license for personal and educational use at no charge.

TouchDesigner Educational

  • educational license available to students and educational institutions. Same features as Commercial, but only for non-commercial uses. Price $300 usd.

TouchDesigner Commercial

  • commercial license for paid projects, price $600 usd.

TouchDesigner Pro

  • pro license including support, price $2200 usd.

For a table comparing the features of Non-Commercial, Commercial, and Pro, see Licensing.

TouchDesigner Non-Commercialedit


TouchDesigner Non-Commercial an edition of TouchDesigner available at no charge (free) for personal and non-commercial use.

  • TouchDesigner Non-Commercial is free for non-commercial use ONLY. (Precisely, "You are not receiving money or compensation for your work with TouchDesigner")
  • image resolution is limited to 1280x1280. (Exceptions: Images that are 1 or 2 pixels high can be any resolution, for use in ramps. See Also Commercial below).
  • does not include a subset of Pro/Commercial Operators (such as Shared Memory OPs, C++ OPs, SDI OPs, etc).
  • keys are 1 time use and not transferrable between computers. Each account is given 10 keys, contact us if you run out.
  • does not include any direct support, forum support only.

For a comparison of features, see Licensing.

TouchDesigner Educational and Commercialedit

TouchDesigner Educational and Commercial have identical feature sets, they differ only in their intended use-case.

TouchDesignerEducational.png TouchDesignerCommercial.png


Available to students and schools for non-commercial and educational uses only. (Precisely, "You are not receiving money or compensation for your work with TouchDesigner")

Students and school administrators must register for an Educational license and be approved by Derivative before being able to purchase the license. Register Here

See also Educational Setup for more information about setting up TouchDesigner at educational institutions.


A Commercial (or Pro) license is required for any project or work done with TouchDesigner that you receive money or compensation for.

Some examples include a) you are working on a paying project, b) you use TouchDesigner to promote your work to create income, c) you or a team use multiple computers to create parts of a larger commercial project, in all these cases a Commercial license is required for all computers that are used on these projects.

Features Unlockededit

  • image resolution and compositing at any resolution the hardware supports
  • create H.264/H.265 movies in realtime (requires Nvidia GPU)
  • stream textures via RTSP, RTMP, or SRT using the Video Stream Out TOP (requires Nvidia GPU)
  • Up to 2 Notch operators running at 1920x1080 (requires Notch license)
  • LIDAR scanner Ouster TOP
  • laser scanner Leuze ROD4 CHOP
  • all Shared Memory operators
  • send and receive texture to DirectX applications
  • use TouchEngine in other applications
  • option to hide the TouchDesigner splash screen on startup
  • the Commercial license is good for one commercial key for one computer
  • keys can be moved from computer to computer
  • does not include any direct support, forum support only

See also TouchDesigner Pro

TouchDesigner Proedit

TouchDesigner Pro includes everything TouchDesigner has to offer.


Pro Supportedit

Purchasing a Pro license gets you into our Pro Support program. Our team is available to help you with any programming, production, or consulting needs you have. Use our years of experience to make your life easier.

Each Pro license includes 6 hours of Pro Support. Additional hours can be purchased for larger tasks and additional support. Please read Pro Support for more details on what the program includes.

Features Unlockededit

For a comparison of features, see Licensing.

See also TouchDesigner Commercial and TouchDesigner Educational

Legacy Productsedit


TouchPlayer077 and TouchDesigner077 have are no longer supported but the latest builds are available here. These products require licenses.

Download TouchDesignerFTE 077 This final build of TouchDesigner FTE 077. (FTE = Free Thinking Edition for learning)

Download TouchDesignerPro 077 This final build of TouchDesigner Pro 077.

Download TouchPlayer 077 This final build of TouchPlayer 077.


TouchPlayer017, TouchMixer017, and TouchDesigner017 have been discontinued as of 2007, but are still available here. These products do not require licenses.

Download TouchDesigner017 This is the unlicensed version of the final TouchDesigner 017.

Download TouchMixer017 This is the unlicensed version of the final TouchMixer 017.

Download TouchArt017. This contains about 100 realtime artworks made with TouchDesigner 017. To get full MIDI and playback features, install this and then install TouchMixer 017. It can run in dual monitor via Dialogs -> Window Placement. You can even feed its video into the Touch In TOP of 077 and later.

NOTE: The 017 Touch Tools packaged inside TouchArt require a license which is no longer available. Use the Unlicensed TouchDesigner 017 and TouchMixer 017 above to use the TouchArt artworks.